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Builders CPA is your reliable partner for financial success at all business stages, specializing in comprehensive services for growth and financial well-being visibility and insights.

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Fractional CFO

Fractional CFO

What Are Outsourced CFO Services?

Essentially we offer a comprehensive view of your business's financial health, including analysis, growth modeling, benchmark metrics, forecasting, and planning to guide strategic decisions and operational enhancements.

- Cash flow analysis and forecasting

- Key performance indicator (KPI) benchmarking and monitoring

- Budgeting

- Sales planning and forecasting

- Identification of profit drivers

- Payroll analysis

- Pricing analysis and strategies

- Internal controls

- Root cause analysis

- Tax strategies

- Debt analysis and loan/funding assistance

Expert Financial Guidance

Your Trusted CFO Partners

Builders.CPA offers Fractional CFO services to equip your business with expert financial guidance without the full-time expense. Our tailored services include financial analysis, strategic planning, and growth modeling to enhance decision-making and operational efficiency. From cash flow forecasting and budgeting to KPI monitoring and tax strategies, we cover essential financial management areas to drive your company's success.


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